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A study of the tragedies war causes and what it leaves behind.


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Testament '22 is Byron Smith's powerful debut monograph - a photographic odyssey through the first year of Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine after traveling over 10,000 miles across the war-torn nation. Inspired by the literary legacy of Taras Shevchenko, the photographer embarks on a profound road trip, capturing an intimate yet varied portrait.

Smith bears courageous witness to the staggering human cost - grieving mothers like Natalya mourning her tortured son, shattered communities trying to rebuild amidst ruin. Yet he also celebrates Ukraine's tenacious spirit, resilient in the face of unspeakable tragedy.

From devastated Kyiv suburbs to newly liberated villages, Smith's visceral testimony in gripping black and white and rich color ensures the sacrifices of ordinary Ukrainians displaced by Russia's brutal assault will never be forgotten. Hauntingly beautiful and profoundly moving, these varied portraits of a nation at war contribute to the overwhelming evidence of crimes against humanity.

Featuring an essay by Kyiv Independent reporter Igor Kossov, with whom Smith collaborated on frontline dispatches, this searing visual journey stands as an essential reminder - the costs extend far beyond the battlefield. Testament '22 gives voice to the resilience of a people fighting for the right to exist freely in their beloved homeland.

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"Byron Smith’s powerful photographs combined with poignant prose provide ‘testament’ to both the brutality of the Russian invasion and the courage and resiliency of the Ukrainian people forced to navigate a country under siege.

Dramatic moments of turmoil intertwine with bittersweet glimpses of everyday life, portraying images of survival, struggle, and hope with raw authenticity. This book bears witness to war crimes and wonders of the human spirit amid the chaos of war." -  Carol Guzy, four-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer

The work is so deeply moving, and made with so much love.” -  Ashley Gilbertson, Robert Capa Gold Medal Winner

To understand conflict is not enough. Mere facts cannot cover the human toll. One needs to try to feel what is happening on the ground, and the images in this book allow a reader to live, if only for a moment, with the people of Ukraine.”

- Dr. Vera Mironova, frontline scholar, author, and research fellow at Harvard University

📚 Specs

Available Aug.’24

Published by Verlag Kettler


136 B/W + Color Photographs

192 pages

Text in English

1st Edition

Printed in Germany 🇩🇪

Designed by Mattias Amnäs

Edition of 1000

A percentage will be donated to

2402 Foundation

Please be aware that this book contains graphic imagery.

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